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We offer:
Chrome sofa, hairpin, coffee table, and furniture legs
Brushed satin furniture legs
4",5",6" 7" 10" metal furniture legs
Acrylic sofa, furniture, and chair legs
Lucite furniture legs
Metal coffee table legs
Metal table legs
Sofa legs chrome table legs
Brass furniture, table, and hairpin legs
Couch and sofa legs
Square, hairpin, and round metal table legs
Gold sofa legs

Do you have a kitchen table that has a loose leg at the moment? Or worse, do you have one that’s missing a leg altogether? Many people mistakenly think that, once a leg goes, they need to invest in a whole new table, but this is not true! Alpha Furnishings, Inc supplies metal table legs in Los Angeles, CA, and is the largest metal legs supplier in the area. When you need a new leg for any piece of furniture, you can come to me, and I will find you a replacement leg in no time.

I have a large supply of legs that fit on all kinds of kitchen tables. From adjustable metal legs that allow you to determine the height of your table to wooden legs that feature intricate designs, Alpha Furnishings, Inc carries a little bit of everything. I am a metal legs distributor and take a lot of pride in my ability to provide people with legs that they love. All of the legs that I sell are of very high quality and will last you for a long time. You will be pleased with the products that I have to offer.

Alpha Furnishings, Inc can do more than just replace broken or missing furniture legs. If you would like to find metal table legs that match your kitchen cabinets or wooden table legs that go well with your flooring, I would be more than happy to help you find a match. I have experience in doing this and want to find the perfect table legs for your home. Together, we can look through everything I have in stock and pick legs out.

Decorate your home in a whole new way with my table legs. Click here for more information

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